For regular cleaning a lukewarm, weak solution of soap-and-water, applied with a damp cloth, will give the best results, and the surface should be oil/wax treated two or three times a year.

Areas of heavy traffic or other hard-worn areas should be treated as required, but no more than once a month.
We recommend the use of Willes & Moore care products, which have been specially developed for boxfloor and boxwall,
or Willes & Moore certified cleaning and leather-care products.

Micro-fibre cloths may be used for cleaning, although they may be slightly harmful to the surface if not used correctly.

A vacuum cleaner should only be used in conjunction with a brush-head.

The use of mechanical or motorised floor brushes and steam cleaners is strictly prohibited and will invalidate the warranty!

Cuts and other surface defects can be repaired with appropriate adhesives or leather repair methods.

Willes & Moore generally suggest ordering an additional quantity of 5% of the total surface as a reserve, in order to avoid strong colour deviations if repairs should become necessary.

Care instructions