This is the collaboration of two designers who are united by their passion for materials and tradition, as well as their mutual fascination for perfect design. Naturally, both Mrs. Doreen Moore and Mr. Edward Willes are acting according their motto „form follows function,“ whilst never forgetting to pay attention to the emotional functions of space and objects.

This is also the main reason why the designs of Mr Willes and Mrs Moore have never been mass produced, but have always been restricted to exclusive designs.

Not because mass production would be impossible, but they have rejected it out of their conviction that each object can only be understood and seen as a part of the whole.

The separation of part of a whole would be sacrilege to Willes and Moore. Therefore only those design objects which are not part of any kind of whole will be released for an exclusive production programme.

We are indebted to a customer of Doreen Moore for the development of very special leather floorings and wall panels, which have now been released by Willes and Moore as an exclusive, limited edition.

It was only possible to achieve this release because the Austrian production partner, f-design, were able to satisfy Edward Willes‘ insistence on not only customising, but also on total service from consultation and planning up to the making of prototypes, right through to installation for the customer.

We are proud to be able to offer this exclusive product in accordance with the high standards of Willes and Moore to all individuals of taste who have an understanding and feeling for design.

Leather floorings have existed for over a century in England and have even been used by Josef Hoffmann and Adolf Loos in classic gentlemen‘s smoking rooms.

This was the origin of a long and still current, nearly obsessive passion, which took hold of Edward Willes and his partner Doreen Moore, and which motivates them just as much today as then.

In numerous private houses, yachts and more often in recent times also in office buildings, Mr. Edward Willes introduced leather flooring and gradually, with typical Scottish stubbornness, he improved the already high quality standard of the leather flooring.

Not until four years ago did Willes & Moore find in Austria a partner who had the ability to comply with their manufacturing and quality criteria, which transform a simple piece of leather flooring into a work of art.

The result bears the name boxfloor!

„Tradition is a lantern, but only the fool adheres to it and for the wiser head it lightens the way.“
George Bernard Shaw