The base material
is birch-, beech- or marineplywood in the standardsubstance of 20 or 6 mm (special dimensions of 3 – 32 mm are possible on request).

The surface material
is pure aniline leather, 1.4 – 1.6 mm being standard.

Solvent-free adhesives, in accordance with the AW 100 standard

14 mm solid wood in various hardwoods, or in bronze or aluminium-bronze.

Surface treatment
With oil and/or wax emulsions, applied by hand

Technical specification for leather:
Tensile strength: DIN 53328 800 N/cm2
Elongation at break: DIN 53328 30 – 70 %
Tearing resistance: DIN 53329-A 20 N
Light fastness: DIN EN ISO 105-B02 3
Rub-off : DIN EN ISO 11640 50 dry 20 wet 20 pH8
felt: 3 finish: : 3 (black: felt : 2)
pH-value: DIN ISO 4045 3,5

With untreated, pure aniline leathers, as used for boxfloor and boxwall, natural marks as scars, wrinkles and colour deviations cannot be considered as defects and are therefore no basis for complaint.
Leather, wood and stone are natural materials and demonstrate fluctuations of colour and structure.

Technical Specification